How to write better copy

The achilles heel of a good ad

Mastering good copy is a cornerstone in Advertising. It is very easy to mess up but hard to perfect. Here are some tips to polish up your copy!

Following Brand Guidelines 📝

First things first – adhere to your brand guidelines like they're your creative compass. Consistency in tone, voice, and messaging not only reinforces brand identity but also builds trust with your audience. This is also a speedrun for your scripts to get rejected when you make a claim a product doesn’t actually have or a line they state in their guidelines, not to mention. If it's not caught before the script makes it to the talent, you have to deal with reshooting scenes with talent that will cost you money, time, and a bit of your reputation.

Matching Talent: The Power of Relatable Faces and Voices 🌟👥

Explore the impact of aligning your copy with the right talent. This doesn’t just have to be talent reading a script. Chick-fil-A’s spokesperson is a cow, and the copy reflects that! Not only are the word's sentence structure not great, but the misspelled words and even the font all make the copy worthy of noting.

Making Vernacular Match Demographic: Speaking Their Language 🗣️

Understanding your audience is half the battle won. Tailoring your copy to match the vernacular of your demographic is so important when trying to relay a message. It's not just about what you say but how you say it, ensuring your message resonates authentically with your target audience. This could be adding “Y’all“ to a script or adding “like” and “so” to make sure the talent reads the script with more flow of a natural UGC. A good way to get better at this is to say what your script is going to be out loud Before you type it and add some of those extra words you use in there. That's how we speak, and it’s weird and noticeable to speak perfectly and artificially filter that out.

Add Eyeballs to the Final Product 👀

Before you hit publish, gather as many eyes as you can on your copy. What makes sense to you might not resonate universally. Learn the importance of collaboration, feedback, and refining your copy to ensure it communicates the intended message effectively.

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