Why your ads aren't working

Ads not working?

There can be multiple reasons your ads aren’t converting.

Your talent doesn’t look like your ideal consumer, the script doesn’t make sense, you take too long to introduce the product.

In order to sell a product within 10-30 seconds, everything needs to be captivating.

It takes a while to understand what ads will perform and how to make winning ads.

When you’re concepting or even filming an ad for your product, make sure to do these things and you should be able to scale these creatives.

  1. The talent needs to look like your ideal customer. You cannot sell to a 50 year old woman if your talent is a 25 year old male. Make sure it makes sense.

  2. Don’t take too long to introduce the product (solution). It’s very common that you spend too long talking about how dreadful their problem is. Spend 2-5 seconds on that MAX. People only care how you can help them/solve their problem.

  3. Test new angles. Don’t hammer the same basic “This is why you need this” in every ad. Lean into the consumers insecurities, read Reddit and Amazon reviews where people are discussing the same topics. Understand your consumer and speak to them.

  4. Faster paced. Scroll on TikTok for 5 minutes and notice what catches your attention. I would assume it’s fast-paced, catchy looking videos that look like your friend posted it. Make your videos catchy, fast, to the point. Everyone’s attention span is shot.

Test more frequently. If you really want to scale your ad account (by creating winning ads), you need to test at least once a week.

Don’t use stock footage. Create it yourself. The viewer will notice if your ad is lazy.

The consumer is smarter than you think.

Capture their attention, solve their problem, and deliver an offer they can’t refuse.

It’s difficult to sell a product without an offer. People want a deal almost more than they want your product.

20% off, Buy one Get one, Free gift. Make your offer irresistible.

There is a reason every store you walk into is having a sale. Copy that method.

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