How to Make Ads More Catchy

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Today, we will be talking about how to make ads catchy and take advantage of consumer psychology to get your ad its proper appreciation. What does this mean? Well, as a consumer, they have built a mental model of what fits in the mold of what is typically organic posts they want to consume and ads they try to avoid. With ads being pushed around every 5th post on social media, people get pretty good at spotting the difference. Our goal today is to share some tips on how to make your ads look more natural and fit into the organic mold to give your ads a chance in the eyes of the consumer.

First Step, Put the 5k Camera Away! 📸

We are trying to close the gap between ads and regular consumable content, and it starts with high production quality. None of your friends are posting 8k-resolution videos with perfect lighting. They don't set up their ring light to tell a story; they are driving in the car with their phones propped up on the dash and putting makeup on at the same time. These are key indicators that a big brand has a large budget to push their ads, which shows their ignorance of modern ads. Realistically, if its a brand like old spice, they are really trying to increase brand awareness and don’t care about return of a single ad campaign. So don’t waste your time trying to make your ads polished if you don’t have the same goals as them. Lower the resolution of the ads, and you'll notice a pretty significant increase in retention.

Stop Pitching and Start Complaining 🗣

We've noticed through constant interactions of concepts that there's a science to delivering the message. There is almost an intangible feeling that you can sense that's oozing inauthenticity when you get an ad from a professional UGC creator. It takes a unique talent to make it feel like you aren't getting pitched a product, but a friend is complaining about a problem and how they found something to solve it. If you have ever watched a video with a rant, you almost certainly want to know how the situation was resolved. By then, you are through the ad and delivered the message. You'd be surprised how a simple switch in delivery with a UGC creator can change the dynamic for the consumer.

Change the Setting and Get Outside 🌳

This speaks even more to authenticity. We want natural light and a shot that is not perfectly centered. Make it realistic. These concepts are not trying to fake anything; they are trying to stop the overproduced, corporate idea of what they think an ad should be. The closer the gap is between the consumer and the brand, the more trust there is. Shaping the delivery into a medium they relate with is why your ads will crush.

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