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AI is taking over

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I wanna get into a topic thats been heavily talked about within the SMMA space recently. The use of AI in the creative process, specifically for creating unique voice overs and going even further with producing scripts.

The Extreme Convenience of AI Voiceovers

If you haven’t been implementing this already, you are missing out for a couple of huge reasons with the main one being convenience. If you’ve ever had a bad day of filming and the talent is unusable, you can use an AI VO to help you out of a panic to deliver. Using the B Roll over a VO is a great way to salvage a concept.

A New Form of Content

Instead of casting for the week, focus on producing really good Broll of your product, and write a great script that a AI voice can read. Its not that it sounds Identical to a human, but it’s catchy that theres something a little uncanny about it to keep consumers attention.

In all likelihood, if the tech doesn’t get better and still sounds strange, consumers will be able to sniff out AI voices and label brands that use them as “disingenuous.”

AI Scripts Are Just Not Here Yet

While AI can mimic speech patterns and vocabulary, it lacks the depth of human experience. Spending a few minutes to express real thoughts and emotions adds a layer of authenticity that resonates with audiences. It's the genuine, unfiltered expression of human experiences that forges meaningful connections with consumers—an element that AI cannot replicate.

Everyday AI making it easier to streamline the creative process. Use the tools available and it will make your life aalot easier. Be smart, and make sure things the AI says what humans actually say.