3 Winning ad styles

If you’re running ads for your brand, try these styles.

If your ads don’t cut through the noise, your CPMs and CPAs will be though the roof and you won’t be able to scale, or even find 1 winning ad.

Here are the 3 styles you need to be testing right now.

  1. Street interview

Go outside with your product and ask people questions about problems that allows you to jump in with the solution.

Ask 5 different questions. Test them all in your ad and see which one performs the best. That’s a winning angle that you need to drill into more.

  1. Lists

3 Reasons …. , 3 Ways…. 5 Steps ….

People love reading lists. Explain all of your value props within the list ad. Test starting with the #1 value prop first or last. Use the best B Roll you have.

I actually titled my newest YouTube video with a list.

  1. Post it notes

Take a post it note, write your value props or your offer and take videos/pictures of it.

It’s worth trying. The handwriting has to be legible or else people will scroll.

You’re probably overthinking your ads. Recently, top performers in the ad account have been very natural, organic styles like the ones I listed.

Here is my new YouTube video with a deeper dive into all of this, with examples from brands that you will recognize.

Send me your ads, I would love to provide feedback.